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Hair Extensions & Wigs: Buy Hair Extensions & Wigs Online at Best Prices in
Hair Extensions & Wigs: Buy Hair Extensions & Wigs Online at Best Prices in
You can buy hair extensions online at Amazon India for straight, wavy or out curled hair. These hair extensions are smooth and easy to comb and can be attached to your hair quickly and easily by claw clip. The advantage of wearing hair extensions is that these can add length and fullness to your existing hair, thereby highlighting them. When it comes to buying hair extensions the options available at Amazon India are pretty diverse, although they vary according to the type of hair extension that a woman wants. Generally, clip-on hair extensions are the most readily available since they usually do not require help from a professional. With thousands of items in the hair extension category, women have many choices among colours, styles, and application methods for their temporary and semi-permanent hair extensions. They can even purchase supplies like glue for hair extensions purpose. Shop for hair accessories in the form of hair extensions, brushes and combs from Amazon India and make your hair look beautiful.The Ultimate Guide to Frozen 2 MerchandiseI know, I know......Frozen 2 fever has take over your house too right? I recently attended Frozen Fan Fest here in Los Angeles, and got to preview EVERY single piece of new Frozen 2 Merchandise on the market. So here it is, the Ultimate guide to Frozen 2 Merchandise. This will be updated as new items release closer to the actual movie drop date (and ps, if you are not up to date on all the latest Frozen 2 News, I wrote a blog post spilling a ton of Frozen 2 secrets so be sure to read that as well). So everything you see here? Is CURRENTLY available both in store and online. I divided all the Frozen 2 Merchandise into categories, it should make shopping a little easier for you guys! Anyone else SUPER excited about the toys and costumes? You can shop them all here (or by clicking on the blue letters in each description): Ultimate Arendelle Castle (Hasbro, $199.99): This was the HIT of the preview event......and it's SO well laid out! It's five feet tall and four feet wide, with plenty of space to play. The castle has four floors and 7 rooms: kitchen, music room, and throne room on the first floor, a vanity room and bedrooms for Anna and Elsa dolls (not included), a library on the third floor, and a lookout tower on top. And the best part? When you push the button on the balcony, there is a colorful light show inspired by the Northern Lights! Does it get any better? This is perfect for ages 3 and up. Singing Elsa Doll (Hasbro, $24.99): If you've got an Elsa fan, this is a must buy and a great price! Obviously Elsa has her classic braid, and she's sporting her new adventure outfit. She sings "Into the Great Unknown" at the push of a button, and her dress lights up! Singing Anna Doll (Hasbro, $24.99): For all the Annas out there, this doll is perfection. That red hair? And her boots? Perfection. Anna sings "The Next Right Thing" and her dress lights up too. Elsa and the Nokk (Hasbro, $29.99): You read my post about the Nokk right? This mythical character will be a HUGE part of Frozen 2, and I can guarantee this set will offer hours of imaginative play! Arendelle Fashions (Hasbro, $19.99): These dolls? A great price especially considering they come with a change of clothes! With each doll you will get an outfit change. They are great for ages 3 and up. Arendelle Fashions come in an Elsa version, an Anna version, and a family version. Small Doll Story Moments (Hasbro, $14.99): These are great tools for imaginative play, and at this price point? Perfect for stocking stuffer options. Frozen Adventure Collection (Hasbro, $24.99): If you are looking for play set with all the characters, then this Frozen Adventure Collection is a perfect choice! The 5-pack includes Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and a Gale wind accessory (which is my favorite part). Deluxe Fashion Multipack (Hasbro, $59.99): This amazing set is available exclusively on Amazon. And LOOK AT THEIR DRESSES! Are not they stunning? If you are a fan of Elsa's new dress, then this is a must by. Forest Multipack (Hasbro, $54.99): Looking for a set that includes the characters from the Enchanted Forest, then this Walmart exclusive is ideal! While on their adventure together beyond Arendelle, Anna and Elsa meet Honeymaren and Ryder in the enchanted forest.....who are included in this set. Sledding Adventures (Hasbro, $79.99): OH MY GOSH THAT SLED! Is not this set amazing? If you are looking for a set that will allow your child to take their toys on epic adventures of their own.....the sled is IDEAL! Pop Adventures Series 1 Surprise Blind Box (Hasbro, $4.99): Got a blind bag fan? These blind boxes are literally the perfect stocking stuffer, and at a KILLER price point! Frozen 2 Monopoly (Hasbro, $19.99): If you are board game obsessed, this one is extremely well done. I checked out the details at our in person event, and the game pieces are my favorite part. They are so detailed! Fashion Doll Assortment (Hasbro, $14.99): Kids will love recreating scenes from Disney's Frozen 2 with these classic dolls, their outfits are removable and filled with vibrant color. Sister Styles (Hasbro, $24.99): My daughter is obsessed with doing her dolls' hair, so these are at the top of my list to buy for the holidays! These Sister Styles dolls have extra-long brushable hair. Each also comes with a mechanical hair braiding tool, 6 elastics, 2 hair clip accessories, and a comb. Pop Adventures Arendelle Castle (Hasbro, $29.99): This on the go toy set is PERFECT for holiday travel. I mean, a toy set that comes with a carrying case? Is a total win. The set comes with mini dolls and accessories (like a piano and beds) and is a ton of fun. Olaf Bop It! (Hasbro, $14,99): Do your kids love the Bop It! toys? Then the Olaf one is a MUST OWN! Family Pack (Hasbro, $39.99): This amazing set is perfect for everyone who has kids that wanted to play Frozen family. The queen and king are FINALLY INCLUDED! It's available only at Target and I love it. "Into the Unknown" Elsa Doll (JAKKS Pacific, $34.99): She's WEARING THE PURPLE nightgown! This 15 inch doll is stunning, her dress lights up and she sings along with saying lines from the movie. Anna & Elsa Adventure Dress Assortment (JAKKS Pacific, $29.99): Looking for fun dress up clothes? These are available in sized 4-6, and are SUPER comfortable. Key for great play outfits! Anna & Elsa Adventure Dolls (JAKKS Pacific, $24.99): These 15 inch dolls showcase Anna and Elsa in their travel outfits (and match the kids' dresses perfectly). Elsa's Enchanted Ice Vanity (JAKKS Pacific, $69.99): This play vanity comes with hair accessories, and plays music plus shows key images from the film in the mirror. It's SO cute in person! Playdate Sven (JAKKS Pacific, $99.99): Did you guys spot this toy on Good Morning America? It's two feet high, and perfect for kids to ride on! It can hold up to 70 pounds, and makes real chomping sounds when you feed him a carrot. Elsa's Dark Sea Dress (JAKKS Pacific,$39.99): This adorable dress is a Target exclusive, and even has motion activated lights and sounds from the movie. It comes in sizes 4-6. Indoor Play Tent (JAKKS Seasonal, $39.99): Could you just die? This play tent is absolutely adorable, especially perfect for inside use during the colder months! Disney Frozen 2 Singing Sisters 2-Pack (JAKKS Pacific): This two pack of singing dolls is a Walmart exclusive, and a GREAT gift idea! Arendelle Castle Village (LEGO, $79.99): This Arendelle LEGO set is amazing, with so many intricate details. From the boat to the marketplace stands, it's PERFECT for LEGO lovers! Elsa's Jewelry Box Creation (LEGO, $39.99): This adorable LEGO set helps you make your own Elsa inspired jewelry box (complete with rings to store inside). Anna's Ice Canoe Expedition (LEGO, $19.99): This simple LEGO set is inspired by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the film, and comes with Anna and Olaf plus some awesome accessories! Elsa's Wagon Adventure (LEGO, $29.99): This adorable set comes with a wagon, Elsa and Sven the reindeer. There's also a stable with a baby reindeer, it's so cute! Enchanted Treehouse (LEGO, $49.99): This magic treehouse from the Enchanted Forest is filled with characters from the film, and some really fun accessories (there's even a campfire for cooking). Olaf (LEGO, $14.99): Who does not want to build their own Olaf out of LEGOs? He's adorable! Disney Frozen 2 Follow Me Friend Olaf (Just Play,$39.99): This was another hit at the in person event! This adorable Olaf is controlled by a snowflake themed remote. Olaf sings, talks and dances and even follows the remote to move around a room! Disney Frozen 2 Talking Plush Assortment (Just Play, $9.99): These talking stuffies are a KILLER price and come in an Anna, Elsa, Sven and Olaf edition! Disney Frozen 2 Spring and Surprise Olaf (Just Play, $19.99): This Walmart exclusive toy is absolutely adorable, when compressed he talks and sings then he slowly springs back into shape! Disney Frozen 2 Gigantic Olaf Plush ( Just Play, $24.99): This 32 inch plus is perfect for Olaf fans! Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Inspired Bear Travel Gift Set (Build a Bear, $66): Build a Bear always has such fun Disney tie ins, and their Anna and Elsa Bears are the cutest! You can buy in store or online (they also have an Olaf for $29 and a Sven for $44, and a Kristoff bear for $35). Frozen 2 Sven POP! Figure (Funko, $9.99): If you are a Funko Pop! collector, then the Frozen ones are must owns. From the Sven to Kristoff to the Earth Giant Pop even the Nokk, Olaf and Mattias (plus the obvious Anna and Elsa) can assemble an entire cast of characters. MP3 Sing-a-long Boom Box (Kiddesigns, $29.99): Got a singer in your house? This adorable boom box is perfect for sing a longs! They also are releasing a sing a long microphone. Frozen Bicycle (Huffy, $79.99): Ca not you just imagine this under the tree? It's a perfect large holiday present! Electric Scooter (Jetson, $159.99): This is the scooter to end all scooters. The Frozen 2 Kids Electric Scooter has LED lights in the stem and deck that glisten like snow. And it reaches speeds of up to 8 miles an hour (that's pretty fast!). The scooter is exclusively available at Kohl's. 21 Wood Skateboard (Bravo Sports, $34.99): This skateboard is perfect for beginners, is recommended for ages 3 and up (can hold up to 100 pounds). The board is available as a Walmart exclusive. Battery Powered Ride On 6 Volt (Pacific Cycle, $79.99): Stop the presses, the Disney's Frozen 2 Water Nokk Ride-On Toy is INSANE. I love the metallic finish, and it's such a unique character to feature! The toy is available only at Walmart. Treasure Keepsake Box (Innovative Designs, $10.00): This Frozen themed craft box is PERFECT for older kids. You can decorate your own, and then make a bracelet to keep inside. Make Your Own Frozen Castle Playset ( Innovative Designs, $15.00): This Make Your Own Castle Playset comes with one castle that assemble and decorate and is available at both Target and Homegoods. Frozen 2 Forever Friends Jewelry Activity (Tara Toy Corp, $12.99): With this adorable jewelry set, you can build an Anna and Elsa necklace or bracelet. The set includes string through beads, best friend pendants, character charms and cord. Frozen 2 Light Up Activity Set (Tara Toy Corp, $12.99): This adorable activity set is a great journal option! Uno (Mattel, $5.99): Looking for items to pack when you travel? Uno is always a great suggestion, and Frozen Uno is even better! Splash Match Game (Cardinal, $19.99): Looking for a family game that's great for younger kids? This matching game is great for early elementary school aged kids and is a Walmart exclusive! Frantic Forest Game (Cardinal, 19.99): In this high energy game, your goal? Is to reveal Olaf's hiding place as you travel along the board! This game is a Target exclusive. Surprise Slides (Ravensberger, $9.99): This adorable board game is for ages three and up, so it's a perfect starter game. Surprise Slides is a Target Exclusive. Elsa Deluxe Child Costume (Disguise, $39.99) Just in time for Halloween, this Elsa Traveling Dress comes in a great variety of sizes from 3-4T to 8. They also have a matching Anna costume! Elsa Deluxe Adult Costume (Disguise, $69.99): Want to dress as Anna and Elsa with your mini me? These costumes also come in grown up sizes! And just in case dad wants to get in on the fun, there's a Kristoff costume too! Elsa Costume for Kids - Frozen 2 (Shop Disney $79.95): No one does princess costumes like Disney themselves, and this Elsa costume is incredibly intricate! They also have a killer Anna costume! Light and Sound Bubble Wand (Imperial Toy, $9.99): Got a bubble wand obsessed kiddo? This one is a KILLER price! Medium Olaf Plush (Shop Disney, $22.95): Shop Disney always makes amazing, high quality plush toys, and this Olaf is ADORABLE! They also will have a mini salamander based on one of the fun new characters. Frozen 2 Advent Calendar (Shop Disney, $59.95): This advent calendar was one of my favorite Frozen 2 merchandise items. It comes with Anna and Elsa mini dolls, and then each day you open up a new accessory for them. Frozen 2 5pc Ceramic Tea Set (Zak, $19.99): Is not this tea set adorable? It's a perfect holiday or birthday gift and has beautiful coloring! Frozen 2 Little Golden Book (Random House, $4.99): This adorable retelling of Frozen 2 is perfect for ages 3-5. Frozen 2 Picture Book (Disney Book Group, $16.99): This picture book has stunning illustrations and is perfect for ages 3-5. Forest of Shadows (Disney Book Group, $14.99): This middle grade novel tells SOME of the story of the upcoming film. Frozen 2: The Magical Guide (DK Books, $11.69): This adorable story book shares SOME of the plot from the film and has a unique glimpse into the new characters! Frozen 2: Magical Sticker Book (DK Books, $6.87): This sticker activity book is perfect for stowing in your purse and pulling out while waiting for meals or in line! Frozen 2 Instax Camera (Fujifilm, $79.99): Is not this adorable? If you've got a budding photog, it's perfect. It would also be a great addition to a Frozen 2 themed birthday party with a cute backdrop! The Instax camera is available at Walmart and on Amazon. Exercise Mat (Capelli Sport, $19.99): Does this look familiar? It's the Frozen 2 Merchandise item we premiered for Frozen Fan Fest and tons of you asked about it. It's exclusive to Dick's Sporting Goods. Vivo Fit Jr 2 (Garmin, $69.99): This awesome kid's activity tracker comes in multiple character color schemes and even tracks their sleep! Frozen 2 Coding Kit (Kano, $79.99): This amazing kit is perfect for kids learning code, it has a motion sensored bluetooth device that leads you through an epic coding journey! Osmo Frozen 2 Super Studio (Osmo, $19.99): The Frozen 2 Super Studio Game gives a few sneak peeks into movie scenes while learning to draw. In each scene, the drawings come to life! Frozen 2 Slippers for Kids (Shop Disney, $16.95): anyone else think these are perfect for chilly nights by the fire over the holidays??? What a great price! Girls Multi Character Dress and Jacket Set (Pippa and Julie, $68): Pippa and Julie always makes the cutest princess inspired dresses and this one? PERFECTION! They also have a more casual version with a ruffled sleeve coming out and a REALLY cute Anna dress! Kids Unisex 2-Piece Anna Sleepwear Purple (Hanna Andersson, $48): You guys know how much we love love love Hanna Andersson pajamas, their Anna set is adorable and such a great quality for the price. They also have an Olaf tee, and some adorable dresses releasing! Carter's T Shirt Collection (Carter's, $20-22): Carter's will have a limited collection of Frozen 2 inspired tees, they are great for casual wear! Terez Leggings (Terez, $70): Terez Activewear makes vibrant prints and great fitting leggings....and their Frozen 2 Themes leggings are a must own. Hybrid Collection and Children's Apparel Collections(Walmart, all under $15): Walmart is releasing a TON of adorable kids apparel items inspired by Frozen 2, at an amazing price point! They also have great backpacks. CozyChic Frozen Disney Women's/Youth Socks (Barefoot Dreams, $22 adult, $22 youth): Barefoot Dreams socks are amazingly comfortable and super luxurious. These are exclusive to Saks! They also have an adorable matching beanie. Womens Elsa Sweatshirt and Jogger (Chaser, $86 sweatshirt, $103 sweatpants): This sweatsuit is the PERFECT mint blue color, and would be great for holiday travel! They also have a purple Anna version. Olaf Be Cool Men's Ringer Tee (Fifth Sun, $25.99): Is not this a great men's clothing option? I love how it's perfectly Frozen without being uber cheesy! Fifth Sun is releasing a whole mens' collection and it's GREAT.
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