Record From a Video Audio Output Camera?

Easy you can buy an easycap for 10-15 dollars. that should work. Hope i helped

Record From a Video Audio Output Camera? 1

1. Cannot play avi files on my amd k6 3dnow processor, video & audio plays but are unrecognizable ie sloppy! help?

they are able to. i do not use domicile windows Media participant for avi records although. a stable option to domicile windows Media participant it truly is very a flexible participant is VLC participant. yet domicile windows Media participant works large! have relaxing looking at your action picture.

2. ffmpeg slow motion video with audio

You can not slow down a video and preserve its original length. You will have to trim off some portion to do so.To slow down the audio as well, do this

Record From a Video Audio Output Camera? 2

3. How to I record video/audio from Xbox 360 with VGA cables?

You could try to download the free one like hypercam and camstudio. However, they may start to freeze once you start recording. But thats just me, and I do not even have a VGA cable. Your computer may be able to handle it without freezing

4. any sites like Zamzar to download Youtube video and audio?

There are actually many sites that work like Zamzar yet let you download the videos directly on browser without emails. Thus, they are more likely to get what you want with guarantee. You could try Keepvid to download videos and listentoyoutube. com to download sound tracks. More info could be found in the resource box

5. Is it legal to video or audio record when pulled over, or questioned by the police?

Its legal, but if they are aware you are doing it, the tape or film will be destroyed

6. Recording video with audio from webcam?

Try changing the API input on gucview to pulseaudio. That just worked for us

7. How to block YouTube and other video and audio sites through Router ?

Try adding quotes

8. What is the best software for video and audio editing?

Out of all the software and tools that I have used so far, I would suggest that the best audio editor (in any format) is Adobe Audition. As far as video editing is concerned, there are numerous tools like Adobe Premier, Ulead Video Studio, Windows Movie Maker (The most user friendly among all), Movica, Filmora. You may choose any!

9. What video and audio formats does Facebook Messenger support?

It supports most of the Media formats. But upon official reports, the following are clearly listed:3g2 (Mobile Video)3gp (Mobile Video)3gpp (Mobile Video)asf (Windows Media Video)avi (AVI Video)dat (MPEG Video)divx (DIVX Video)dv (DV Video)f4v (Flash Video)flv (Flash Video)gif (Graphics Interchange Format)m2ts (M2TS Video)m4v (MPEG-4 Video)mkv (Matroska Format)mod (MOD Video)mov (QuickTime Movie)mp4 (MPEG-4 Video)mpe (MPEG Video)mpeg (MPEG Video)mpeg4 (MPEG-4 Video)mpg (MPEG Video)mts (AVCHD Video)nsv (Nullsoft Video)ogm (Ogg Media Format)ogv (Ogg Video Format)qt (QuickTime Movie)tod (TOD Video)ts (MPEG Transport Stream)vob (DVD Video)wmv (Windows Media Video)And about audio formats, almost all of them are supported. I personally haven't encountered any problem at all till the date with most of the audio files i've used.Thank You!!!

10. Xbox 360 loss of video but not audio and i have tried component and composite?

This happened to me once before and I turned the Xbox but the display on my TV stayed the same - it was just a matter of turning my TV on and off. However, if you already did this and you are sure the cables are connected right then unfortunately you will have to call the Xbox Customer Service. Luck!

11. How to write testbench for digital circuits that output video/audio signal

Testbenches can take stimulus from files and write the result to files. store the input audio/video data in a file (without compression) and use this as the stimuli. store the results in another file . you may have to verify the result manually by playing/reading the output file. Implementing and testing on an FPGA would be better as the simulation can take time

12. ffmpeg quadruple video and audio play speed

The audio filters should be chained one after the another. Your syntax generates two audio tracks, each doubled in speed. Also, since you are dealing with one input and one output, you can just use simple filters.

13. help! Ineed to hookup tv, vcr/dvd, dvd recorder and satellite. they all have the newer connects(video/audio )?

need way more info to help. how many av connections are on your tv and what type?

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Is It Legal to Video Or Audio Record When Pulled Over, Or Questioned by the Police?
Is It Legal to Video Or Audio Record When Pulled Over, Or Questioned by the Police?
Yes, you can audio/video record a policeman's actions as long as what you are using is not used to hit him over the head! A policeman may ask you to put the audio/video recorder away, but state that under the bill of rights, he is not allowed to take that away or search your car if you are not arrested, or if he does not have a warrant to remove the camera1. Noun for "playing of the video/audio” objectYou might consider using runs as a noun here2. On A Jonas Brothers Video/Audio Search!!?Umm idk look on youtube for it. sos was their last song so look for sos in milwakee3. How to create a video with audio comment?You do not have to "hope". Just record a screencast with audio with software like Open Broadcaster Software (Windows/OSX) or Simple Screen Recorder (linux) and if needed edit it later. Or - as suggested - record audio separately with Audacity and stitch it together with software of your choice.4. Best FFMPEG configuration for recording VideoAudio with RaspberryPi and USB WebCamI use this camera "H.264 2MP 1080P USB2.0 1/2.9" Sony IMX322 Low illumination 0.01lux", Link.I struggle a lot to find the best options for recording VideoAudio toghter, finally I use this:these setting you have to understand before copy and paste the command,5. My church is moving into a new building..the preacher is asking for donations for video/audio equipment?Yeah. Right. Just leave the church. Go help God's other kids.6. How to make video and audio cable?Video link cable, referred to as video cable, is consist of video cable and connector, of which: Video cables are impedance 75 (EU) coaxial shielded cable wire into the common specifications of -3 and -5 by two species, divided by wire single line and two multi-core cable, connector specifications for the common connection point at the cable end fittings and welding of pressure the first two, according to device-side connection points with BNC (commonly known as the first card ), RCA (commonly known as the Lotus head) two. (Free Video Conversion Software)7. Create a MXF media with a video and audio clip at specific timing compatible with Pro ToolsThe method in my comment still stands.Let's say you have two audio tracks. Basic command syntax isThe adelay filter here expects two channels per input stream. Channel delay values are in milliseconds.On linux / OSX you may have to use single quotes around the arguments.8. when stacking video and audio components, What can be used inbetween the units to let out the heat?I will tell you what I did to handle the heat generated by all of my components. I have an entertainment center that has a fiber-board back.......I took a 120 volt computer fan (available at Radio Shack or from an old computer) and added an electrical plug to it so that I could plug it into the "switched" electrical outlet on my reciever. Sinced it is in the "switched" outlet the fan only comes on when the reciever is on. Just cut a hole in the fiber-board to match the fan size and attach it with screws. Be sure to mount it so that it is pulling the air out of the cabinet. really cuts down on the heat in the cabinet and it is quiet. Give it a try and email me if you have any questions,9. If a video file has a still picture / photo during the entire length of the file, while the audio is changing, does it take as much as movie file where both video and audio change?Of course not. The still image video will be much-much smaller10. learn japanese online ? video and audio ..?I totally disagree with Belie. It's elitist, condescending and arrogant to assume that the only "good" options to studying a foreign language are the options she has chosen. Everyone might not have the same resources financial or otherwise to follow the path she chose. Learning is a process that can take place anywhere at anytime. Sometimes you have to make the best of what you have. I think it depends on what your goals are and how serious you are about learning Japanese. Obviously, the best way to learn any language is to go live in that country and live that language 24/7. You will learn more this way then you can learn through any other. Second best would be through formal study such as at some kind of school or with a private tutor, etc., etc. A professionally trained teacher can provide insights and structure that will designed to help achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time. And, even though not all teachers are equal in ability, they can probably help you in more ways than not. But, such options are not available for everyone. Maybe it's a question of money; Or, maybe it's a question of desire. Not every can take formal classes or move off to live in Japan. So, it such cases you have to try and be a little more practical. There's nothing wrong with trying to learn a language via software, games, the internet, or through friends as long as you are realistic with your expectations. You may not become fluent, but you might have fun and become motivated to move on to more formal study. The most important thing is to find a way that you enjoy and stick with it. For some poeple, this means formal study. For others, this means anime. Realistically assess with your goals are and how much time and effort you want to expend. There's lots of OK websites out there that can provide you with an OK introduction to Japanese study. Try some of them and then decide how much further you want to take it. Here are some sites that you can check out to help get you started japanese.about. many more websites and podcasts that offer free stuff. Good luck and try not to be discouraged by people like Belie. She's sounds young and misguided. And, by looking at her profile, she seems a tad bit full of herself.
How to Make Video and Audio Cable?
How to Make Video and Audio Cable?
Can you be more specific? Composite, component, s-video, HDMI? Cables are cheap, just go buy them, not worth the time trying to make them.1. Is This a Good Video/Audio Capturing Device?1. You need an extension AV cord. Those are standard female version Audio/Video inputs. If your TV has AV output, where Audio are the red and white, while yellow is for video out, then use the standard AV extension cord plugging one end in yor tv, and the other end to the capturing device and follow color codes. The black for S-Video may not be connected. 2.You can use S-Video if both have one. But remember that S-video interface does not carry audio. So you still have to plug the audio cords(Red and White).. and S-Video is better. 3. They are the same you use in your Wii or PS2.. you can capture game screenshots.2. How to set up video and audio players to use realtime (or close) priority?to change a running process (as mentioned above : renice -n -20 or viva GUIgnome-system-monitor => Processes => RightClick => ChangePriority3. best gaming/video/audio build for A8-3870k?definite you are able to attempt this...the 3870 only ranks #161 at the same time as the 2500K ranks # 80 are able to get more suitable acceptable mileage in case you crossfired the HD6670 with the should get close to to 6900 pictures4. VLC stream webcam video with audioQuick review of Linux audio: Today, basically all device drivers are part of ALSA. ALSA can be used on its own, but basically all distros run Pulseaudio on top, which offers a better experience in some respects. Pulseaudio includes a compatibility layer that allows old ALSA-only applications to use Pulseaudio by pretending it is an ALSA device (called pulse), while Pulseaudio in turn uses the device drivers of ALSA.Your system is like this, and you have two audio devices (the internal device and the camera).So what happens when you use --input-slave=alsa:// is that vlc uses the compatibility layer, which accesses Pulseaudio, which guesses what device you want and gives you the first device, which is the internal device and not the webcam. Thus, no sound.You can use pavucontrol (or pacmd or pactl if you do not have a GUI) while recording to change where vlc records from. Depending on your Pulseaudio setup, this choice will usually be remembered next time, so you need to only do it once.Or even better, tell vlc to use Pulseaudio in the first place. I could not quickly find proper documentation on --input-slave for vlc, but the google results suggest --input-slave=pulse does work, and very likely there's some --input-slave=pulse://pulseaudio_source_name syntax that actually allows you to specify the correct card (called "sound source" in Pulseaudio).EditThe source code says the format is pulse://SOURCE, without specifying details, so I guess you can doand then specify something like pulse://alsa_input.usb-XXX-YYY with whatever your Pulseaudio source name is. Again, you can use pavucontrol to reassign the source, if necessary.5. What video and audio formats does Facebook Messenger support?It supports most of the Media formats. But upon official reports, the following are clearly listed:3g2 (Mobile Video)3gp (Mobile Video)3gpp (Mobile Video)asf (Windows Media Video)avi (AVI Video)dat (MPEG Video)divx (DIVX Video)dv (DV Video)f4v (Flash Video)flv (Flash Video)gif (Graphics Interchange Format)m2ts (M2TS Video)m4v (MPEG-4 Video)mkv (Matroska Format)mod (MOD Video)mov (QuickTime Movie)mp4 (MPEG-4 Video)mpe (MPEG Video)mpeg (MPEG Video)mpeg4 (MPEG-4 Video)mpg (MPEG Video)mts (AVCHD Video)nsv (Nullsoft Video)ogm (Ogg Media Format)ogv (Ogg Video Format)qt (QuickTime Movie)tod (TOD Video)ts (MPEG Transport Stream)vob (DVD Video)wmv (Windows Media Video)And about audio formats, almost all of them are supported. I personally haven't encountered any problem at all till the date with most of the audio files i've used.Thank You!!!6. What is the best video/audio editing software?For FREE audio editor, it is high recommended Audacity: a Free Audio Editor and Recorder!7. shielding video and audio cables from AC current interference?When I was in the army I worked on radars, alot of our radars failed a RF leakage test. They worked fine just small amounts of energy were leaking somewhere after months of work we ended up wrapping a cable in tin foil as a temp fix till we got the manufacturer to send us a new better cable
Think Green Collection: Editors Choice  10 Best Images
Think Green Collection: Editors Choice 10 Best Images
Today weve chosen Pixabay 10 best green color images. Enjoy the green choice of our team.Green is the color of nature. It is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money.There lots of shades of green, natural and man-made. Check them all in our collection!Image by ju1959jjjGreen is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. Pedro Calderon de la Barca Image by SkitterphotoI just need green. I need to wake up and see grass and squirrels. I dont want to see skyscrapers. Andre Leon Talley Image by cegohI always say that candy is the perfect studio food it keeps your energy going. Nick Cannon Image by jeonsangoI believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars. Walt Whitman Image by Free-PhotosIf there is a future, it will be Green. Petra Kelly Image by cocoparisienneDont be a fish; be a frog. Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground. Kim Young-ha Image by ulleoColorless green ideas sleep furiously. Noam Chomsky Image by jplenioFor in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver. Martin Luther Image by NietjuhWhen youre green, your growing. Ray Kroc Image by SkitterphotoNo object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye. Elizabeth Bowen All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required·RELATED QUESTIONI painted my bedroom a dark teal color and need some suggestions on color of bed set or accent colors?Turquoise or white would look great with teal
Where Can I Find Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in China?
Where Can I Find Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in China?
This article was originally published on the Sourcing Allies blog“What kind of materials can be used in plastic injection molding?”‍PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDINGWhat is the plastic injection molding process?This process is similar to that of metal die casting. In this process, molten plastic is injected into a die under pressure and held until it cools. Once it becomes solid, the die is opened and the plastic casting is taken out. Plastic injection molding is an extremely versatile, precise, fast and inexpensive method of mass producing plastic products.What materials can be used?This process mainly uses both thermoplastics and thermoset plastics, each of which have their own advantages and limitations. The primary difference between the two is that thermoplastics can be melted back into liquid form or recycled while thermoset plastics cannot.ThermoplasticsPros: Recyclable, cost efficient (because waste during manufacturing process can be reused), increased impact resistance because of flexibility.Cons: Lower heat and chemical resistance (they degrade faster.)ThermosetPros: Higher chemical and thermal resistance and higher mechanical strength and dimensional stability.Cons: Cannot be recycled, lower impact resistance. Also, thermoset plastics are more difficult to work with so you might find it difficult to find suppliers for them.What will I need in terms of design input?We must have 3D files in STEP or IGES formats.Where in China can you find plastic injection molding factories?Depending on what kind of plastic you want to use for your product, these suppliers can be found all around China. Different factories have different quality levels and expertise.How much does tooling cost?It can cost from a few thousand dollars for simple tooling to hundreds of thousands for more complex multi-cavity tools.How long does tooling last?It depends on the material, but most likely 200,000 pieces is not a problem.What is the average lead time for tooling?15 days to three months depending on complexity.Do plastic injection molding products or their tooling need any final finishes?It is not unusual for injected parts to need final machining. This may also include addition of inserts (that can also be inserted during casting) or threads cutting. Final surface finishes may also be needed such as powder coating or paint application. Sometimes, under some circumstances the tool itself may need a special surface texture added, which will imprint on the final injected parts.What are the pros and cons of plastic injection molding?Pros:Consistent measurements.Quick production rate.Low cost per unit.Good surface finish.Products can often be recyclable.Manufacturing process can be quite cheap because scrap can be recycled/reused.ConsTooling cost.Warpage and shrinkage.Some thermosetting plastics or rubbers cannot be recycled.Recycled material will not give as good performance as new material.What are the known challenges of the plastic injection molding process?Some suppliers will use recycled material without telling you. Material type used is critical if you are looking for specific physical properties or performance. Additionally, shrinkage can be problematic across larger surface areas.Sourcing Allies is a team of expert China sourcing agents that has helped western customers manufacture and source products from low-cost regions since 2006.For more on plastic injection molding visit our website or write to us at·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some good skin whitening masks?Skin color is not a determiner of someone’s beauty. Having white skin does not mean you are beautiful. On the other hand, you can be an attractive guy with brown or black skin.Let's come to your question. We can't change our skin color through whitening. But we can lighten our skin to increase the glow. There are so many reasons by which we lose our actual skin tone like sunburn, pollution, and chemicals used in cosmetics. Here are some of the Natural face masks that will help you return your actual complexion.1. Turmeric Mask2. Tomato Mask3. Lentil Scrub4. Kiwi Mask5. Potato Mask6. Changing Eating habits.These are the most effective lightening masks for the face. To know more detail about these face masks, I would suggest checking out this resource:Top 10 Face Masks for Skin Lightening.Thanks!.
How to Curl Your Hair Like This?
How to Curl Your Hair Like This?
how to curl your hair like this?To get curls like that you use a curling wand. Almost like an iron but without a clamp and it gets smaller at the bottom. To get bigger curls, you use a thicker wand. To get them not so tight and loose like the picture, you only hold your hair on the wand for 3-4 seconds (different depending on if your hair is fine, curly etc). But you can mess around and look up a tutorial on youtube (there's tons). Good luck!— — — — — —shouldnt blowdrying your hair make it dry?Yes, but it depends on what type of hair you have some people have oily hair but you can not really see the oil unless they blow dry or straighten it, and some people put hair lotions in there hair before the videos or its just left over hair lotions from past days. Other then that yes it does dry your hair blow drying it is not as worse as straightening your hair straightening your hair is cause lots of DAMAGE especially if you do not use heat protection hair sprays/lotions— — — — — —Is your hair long or short???my hair is:: long curly/wavy thick (too thick) natural blond, but i added a little shade hair down with a headband— — — — — —What is better for your hair?I would trim it first (your ends) and then use a flat iron because the blow drier is actaully more damaging because you go over the same spot a lot which is more damaging then one run with a flat iron— — — — — —is TRESemme bad for your hair?Umm, all shampoos are somewhat like a detergant. The trick is you need to put conditioner in your hair after yiu shampoo so you do not look like an afro puff coming out the shower. That's your problem. When you are rinsing out the conditioner, you need to use a brush and brush your hair at the same time while your rinsing the conditioner out. It also depends on your hair texture too and whether or not your hair can handle certain shampoos and conditioners— — — — — —Is dying your hair twice bad?death it to the black is bigger than going decrease back over it with blonde- so jointly because it could make your hair particularly comfortable, it wo not completely fry it or something. omit it after with some deep conditioning remedies— — — — — —How to get your hair grow?Nothing really makes your hair grow faster. On average, hair grows 1/2 per month, which is 6 inches per year— — — — — —what do you die your hair with?Great revelation huh?— — — — — —What REALLY helps your hair grow ?????I understand cutting your hair in anger, i have done it a number of times, and then cried about it for weeks. I take a vitamin that is called Biotin. It is s high-potency B-Vitamin. I had one of my hair stylists tell me about them, and they really do help. You probably wo not notice it much the first month seeing as how it must get into your system but back in the middle of January i had highlights put in my hair and by the end of feburary the roots had grown out an 1 1/2. No joke. So try them and see if they work for you. You can get them at any place that sell vitamins but i usually get mine from GNC, they might cost a little more but they are better for the buy. I would suggest at the least taking 2500 mcg a day. Good luck!.— — — — — —If you put gel in your hair everyday does it ruin your hair?Eventually it will, it is a chemical. I used to use gel and hairspray all the time and my hair was rough and nasty. I have not used any of that in a couple years and my hair is beautiful now— — — — — —How to deep condition your hair?Here is a simple organic inexpensive recipe I use: 1. Crack a raw egg into a small bowl. 2. Add 2 tbsp, of olive oil as well 3. Blend the two together with a fork for about 1 minute. 4. Massage treatment into your scalp and saturate your hair with the mixture. 5.Place a plastic shower cap on your hair for 15 minutes 6. Rinse in cool water thoroughly (Do not use Hot water) Deep conditioners add protein to repair your hair, Eggs are a rich source of protein that works well.
What Is Preventing the Solar Energy and Other Renewables to Replace the Oil?
What Is Preventing the Solar Energy and Other Renewables to Replace the Oil?
Solar energy and other renewables do not return the energy invested compared with fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are also portable-they have lots of energy and they can be transported. Not true of solar or wind, which are site specific and have to be part of an electrical grid. There's also the fact that the oil and coal still sitting underground is worth trillions to the oil companies, and the people who run those companies get rich from the status quo1. what is the most common and renewable energy sources?solar energy or w can use water as hydropowr2. Do solar energy panels for your home make sense?I looked into it once, just for the hell of it. I assumed the sun would shine 12 hours every day, which it does not in this part of the world.I assumed no maintenance cost. The pay-back was about 20 years.In all the companies I have worked for, if the pay-back on a project is over 4 years, it has no chance. The payback depends on the cost of electricity from the local supplier, the maintenance cost, the amount and intensity of sunlight and the installed cost of panels. This is all constantly changing. As the situation stands now, I would rather invest my money in lottery tickets or better still buy good stocks.3. What kind of fuel is the most used one for generating energy?We rely mainly on coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, and petroleum power and a small amount from solar energy, tidal harnesses, wind generators, and geothermal sources. 80% of the world's energy consumption is in fossil fuels -- coal, oil and natural gas. Coal is still "king" right now at almost 50% of the US energy needs. Oil is a modest second. .4. How much do you know about solar energy?enough to know it's not the way to go for the future. I also know enough not to count wikipedia as a reliable resource. I firmly believe that nuclear is going to be the common source of power in the future.5. How is solar energy stored for later use?I have a solar panel system installed by a team called cotterill civils from birmingham, the midlands. If you need understand more about it, i would see there site as it has an informational6. Solar Energy | Save & Learn More with ChooseEnergy®The United States is on track to top 3 million solar PV installations this year, adding 1 million photovoltaic panels in just two years, according to a study by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables and the Solar Energy Industries Association. The number will exceed 4 million in 2023, the study says. It took more than 40 years for the first million installations. "The rapid growth in the solar industry has completely reshaped the energy conversation in this country," said Abigail Ross Hopper, SEIA president and CEO, in a press release announcing the study. The 2.7 million solar systems installed through September 2020 have the capacity to generate nearly 89 gigawatts of electricity. The solar industry employs about 250,000 Americans, the SEIA says. The expansion of solar is part of a growing movement toward renewable energy. Green energy made up 22.5 percent of all electricity generated in the country in 2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Solar energy was responsible for about 14.7 percent of the green energy generated.7. can solar energy generate electricity in a home alone? what is needed?.?Adequate #of Solar Panels Adequate #of Storage Batteries Battery Charge Controller System load management Controller Mounting and wiring equipment Gas or Diesel Generator (Properly sized) I would figure on spending around $30,000-$40,000 for a decent system. This system will not give you air conditioning or heat, but will probably be adequate for a small homes other electrical, with some inconveniences at times. There are many companies offering these on the Internet. Some of them have forms and calculations for sizing all the equipment based on your location. You are not in a very good area because of a lot of rain, so diesel will need to run a lot. The most important thing in sizing system is to be accurate in listing ALL appliances electrical loads you have and how many hours/day they operate.
What Matches This Formal Dress?
What Matches This Formal Dress?
straight hair silver jewerly..and really try to find silver shoes because they would definatly look best..have fun!1. Great hairstyle for a teen girl with long straight hair?cornrows,twist,braids in the front up in ponytail,french braids,you can even cover the eye when it is out Im an hairstylist2. My hair is outrageously curly and frizzy, help!?Your hair texture changes as you age due to hormones. The stylists will recommend a keratin treatment - this contains formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic. Do not believe them if they say it is formaldehyde-free or chemical-free, or that XYZ brand is 'safe' - the process requires formaldehyde to set the keratin, and the heat changes some ingredients to formaldehyde gas. If the stylist needs a mask in order to put it on you, it's toxic. Some women have also had all their hair fall out from keratin treatments. Curly hair needs different techniques to straight hair to maintain - you are more than your hair, but working with your hair's natural texture is easier than working against it.3. what is better [natural] curly or straight hair?Curly. And I dispute most of the thing you said that you can not do with it. Sure, it's not the same as with the straight, but it's not impossible. As for myself, I have had bangs, and well, duh you can not brush it without frizzing, you are separating the individual strands. And I find it entertaining to try new hair styles and ways of pinning hair up, far more than just putting gel in. Sounds to me like learning more about curly hair would solve most of your problems with4. What's IN and what's OUT?Skinny headbands-IN :) Mascarra- in Lip Gloss- neither Black nailpolish- in Red nailpolish- out Messy bun- in High ponytail- in Juicy Couture sweatshirts- out Juicy Couture sweatpants- in UGG Australia boots- in but working its way out Coach sneakers- out The North Face sweatshirts- in True Religion Jeans- neither Abercrombie & Fitch- out Hollister Co.- in Aeropostale- in American Eagle- in Forever 21- in Lacoste- out Ralph Lauren- ehh kind of both Old Navy- in The Gap- out iPhone- out Skinny jeans- in Bootcut jeans- out Ripped jeans- in Open toed heals- in Pumps- in Betsy Johnson-out Lily Pulitzer-in Tommy Hilfigure-out Gossip Girl-in The Hills-out The City-out Britney Spears-in Lady Gaga-in Rihanna-in Chris Brown-OUTOUTOUT Jonas Brothers-in Miley Cyrus-in Demi Lovato-in Selena Gomez-in Disney Chanel-in Pearl earings-in Diamond earings-in Curly hair-in Straight hair-in Short hair-in Shoulder length hair-out Front bangs-in Side bangs-in Red lipstick-out Mini skirts-in Aviators-in Raybans-out Oversized sunglasses-neither Facebook-in Myspace-in5. What can i do with my straight hair?i have long straight dark brown hair i usually tease my hair to give it some volume to be cute and straiten it to make it extra straight. I also have clip in extensions that i use everyday just to make my hair less boring there purple and i put them on my bottom layer of hair, with my black under color. i hope i helped6. Is there any way to get straight hair permanently?No, there's no way whatsoever to permanently change your hair texture. All you can do it get long term treatments like chemical straightening. But even that grows out and your roots will be your natural texture.7. how do u curl shoulder length asian hair with a straightener?sorry ms kimchi how can you curl it with a straightener when you already have stick straight hair. Go buy a curling iron it's only $208. How to curl wiry thick and pin straight hair?Its the gene code. The dna strands tell your hair whether to be made curly or straight. It is genetics. Not "besides genetics", thats all there is9. What are cute hairstyles with NO HEAT? For straight hair?You can half of your hair up and half down. That's always cute10. my hair for the spring formal?Straight hair would look good with your dress just have some body in it do not wear it flat to your head and do not get zebra tips on your nails that does not go with that dress. TRUST ME..Get a french manicure or get your nails polished the same color as the dress
Why Does an Air Conditioner Sometimes Take so Much Time to Cool a Room?
Why Does an Air Conditioner Sometimes Take so Much Time to Cool a Room?
In one word "capacity".Capacity" in relation to air conditioners is a measure of how fast they can transfer heat from inside the room to outside.Every room presents a "heat load" This is a combination of:The size of the roomThe temperature difference between inside the room versus outside the roomThe type of insulation / insulating materials between the room and outside the roomThe orientation of the room with respect to the sunThe number and type of windows and window dressings (awnings / curtains etc)The number of occupantsOther sources of heat including lights, devices such as televisions, computersAs your air conditioner extracts heat from the room, additional heat is being added to the room both from outside the room and from sources of heat within the room.If your room is eventually cooling down but takes a long time, that suggests that the capacity of the air conditioner is greater than the heat load, but not by much. In other words, you have little spare capacity.Your options to improve the situation are:Reduce the room's heat load. Things like covering windows with external shade, internal thermal curtains, better ceiling insulation etc. Ensure that the air conditioner is able to run effectively, with as much capacity as possible. Things like ensuring the indoor units filters are clean, ensuring both the indoor and outdoor coils are clean, checking that indoor and outdoor fans are all operational.If you have done everything possible to reduce the heat load and maximise the effectiveness of your air conditioner and it still takes too long to cool your room, another option is to turn it on earlier, so there is less heat to remove from the room, or leave it on at a higher setpoint, again to reduce the amount of heat the air conditioner has to remove before you feel comfortable. The last option is to replace your air conditioner with a unit with a greater cooling capacity. Obviously this is the most expensive option. It is also the reason why when choosing an air conditioner in the first place, getting the correct capacity is so important. Professionals will perform a heat load calculation to work out the capacity of cooling required. As you can see, getting this right is very important to avoid these sorts of situations from occurring in the first place..1. can you put an air conditioner in a room within a room?No because you will not be able to use the other room, nor the AC will work efficiently,and the performance of your AC will gradually reduce in a short span of time, due to lack of fresh air flow which the other half of your needs to discharge th heat collected from AC room. Butter get raid of your window type, go in for split AC.2. why does my air conditioner make my room smell like a locker room?Usually your air conditioner has a filter. Take the filter out and soak it in a solution (50/50) 4 cups vinegar /4 cups water, then throw a little baking soda (1/4 cup) Soak for 3-4 hours, let it dry in the sun. This should take the moldly, mildew smell out. If it does not , you may need to buy a new filter. Good luck!3. I have to install an air conditioner but the outlet has a round hole and 2 horizontal slots underneath?The more correct way is to find an outlet that fits your a/c. Are you trying to hook a 110 to a 220 outlet? Even so you can change the outlet to match your power cord. Shut off the breaker that feeds this outlet and swap it out. If going from 220 to 110, just cap off the extra 110 feed wire and fold it up in the box. Use the remaining wires on the new outlet4. Dorms and cooling question, Evaporative (swamp) or air conditioner?You definitely need an air conditioner because, like you said, we do not have very many humid days. I have had friends buy swamp coolers because they are trying to save a buck and they end up having to buy an a/c.5. Air conditioner btu rating needed for 1500 sq ft home-need opinions?to top length an AC equipment call a qualified HVAC contractor and characteristic them carry out a warmth/COOLING analysis. which will furnish the coolest length required. employing sq. pictures on my own is not the magnificent thank you to length.
Want to Play a Killer Video Game?
Want to Play a Killer Video Game?
One of the greatest video arcade games was "The House of The Dead" and the excitement of shooting your way out to stay alive was intense! It is good to see hot video games turning into movies, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. One movie in particular has a powerful gory twist, when it comes to game playing. The new movie "Stay Alive" will take you to a whole new level of gaming, if you can stay alive! Do you like creepy video games where your life is on the line?It was just a matter of time before a movie came out that took you into the game world for real! Think of the last game that you played and be glad you did not die in reality. Imagine the pressure of a video game pushing you to win, or you will end in a bloody death! Sounds like fun until you see some red eyes coming out of the darkness to steal your soul!"Stay Alive" starts out as an interesting game, but there should have been a clear warning, when you have to chant something! The chant in the movie opens up a portal for the main killer of the game to take your life. Once in the game you can use roses to stop the attacker, but you have to be quick.The killer in the game is a mysterious lady who does not think twice about running you over with a horse and carriage. She does not wince at stabbing large scissors in your neck. You have to feel badly for the people who first play this game, because they never had a chance to see what was coming. Only the people playing later on can put the pieces of the puzzle together. It is after seeing one person die after another, that the cast of "Stay Alive" gets serious.This movie has a strong Gothic touch and the mysterious lady killer in the game loves blood. You will get a sense of a vampire blood lust in this movie. Hutch O'Neill(Jon Foster) decides to go to a plantation that is exactly like the one in the video game. While at the plantation he finds a rude awakening. The plantation is not only just like the game, but the master of the house has been killed.The small group that remains has gathered knowledge about the twisted and sick lady killer in the game. They find out she is kept alive by draining and soaking her body in young girls blood. The trick is getting to the tower that holds her body and killing her. The one way they can kill her is by using nails, but even that ultimately fails. I will let you find out what really kills the Lady of Blood by watching the movie.Swink Sylvania(Frankie Muiz) plays a geek who cannot shut his mouth, but has a greater understanding of what is going on then anyone else. Swink Sylvania(Frankie Muiz) turns out to be a very important person in this movie, and without him things would have been gory for the two still alive. The movie will give you a sense of 'Hell Raiser' meets the demon eyed blood lady.The movie really was not that bad and the story line was interesting, for a creepy video game come to life! Video games have gained so much popularity and it is easy to get caught up in the game. Once you start playing, time goes by so fast and you forget what is going on around you. Video games are a nice escape from reality, just as long as no one gets killed!The next time you are in the video store, take a good look at what is on the shelf. Will you be playing some Madden football or will you be fighting for your life in the streets? Maybe that one creepy video game you see has been calling your name! Either way, it is fun for a bunch of friends to bring over their video game consoles and see who comes out the winner.Remember with "Stay Alive", you die in the game, then you die for real!
Netizens' Self Photographing Tutorial Reveals the Secret of "self Photographing Artifact" to Create
Netizens' Self Photographing Tutorial Reveals the Secret of "self Photographing Artifact" to Create
According to unofficial data, there are nine houses for ten beauties, but even beauties who don't clean up their appearance on weekdays may be an ordinary passer-by. So the question is, where did the high-value and high-quality house girls in the circle of friends take pictures of themselves? A netizen with no lower limit of brain hole exposed the super practical "secret script of dead house self photographing" with a video. It is no longer a secret how otaku people take high force self photographing. Since mom gave us such a beautiful birth, don't let the "house" attribute hinder us from drying our faces! Learn from the teacher of Octopus burning!Today, I took a selfie at home. I'll take a picture after I have agreed on the theme. When Xiaobai heard about the selfie, she trembled. "You have to think about the theme before you take a picture? I choose to quit! In fact, it's very simple. Take chestnuts for example," girls at home everyday "is a simple but meaningful theme." at home "and" everyday " How to behave? Take out your housewife's killer mace! Lie on the sofa with an armrest, read on the desk, fall asleep, or tidy your hair in front of the mirror... Don't be ashamed. Although you show your fresh and refined details, you can even use the "smiling face capture" brought by Huawei nova2plus Function, as long as you smile at the camera, the system can automatically recognize and start the shutter to complete the self photographing. Most importantly, with the "smiling face capture" function, you can disguise the "self photographing" as "other photographing", so that the daily detail close-up of leisure girls seems to be made by the photographer, which is no one.Smiling face capture function settingsSince life is self photographing, connect the "Earth atmosphere". No matter smiling or dazing, naturally showing emotions in the home environment will always be pleasing. For example, cutting fruit in the kitchen, watering flowers on the balcony, making tea in the living room... These elegant but not artificial life scenes really make male gods want to marry you home. Self photographing Xiaobai are in a hurry again, "Hey, hey, don't you talk about self photographing today? Let others help you take these photos". Don't worry about the "self photographing artifact" when it's urgent! You can use the "voice controlled self photographing" function of Huawei Nova 2 plus, set the pose and shout casually, and the system will help you capture the beautiful moment when it receives the signal. As for what to shout, Xiaobian's conscience suggests calling "I'm the most beautiful" "I'm a goddess" or something. Of course, no one will stop you if you want to shout the slogan "high selfie love selfie" in Huawei Nova 2 series.Some netizens are very confident in their appearance and say, "since it's a selfie, I just want to show my face! I'm not interested in anything else except facial close-up!" calm down. "Selfie artifact" is always your best "shot" file. Now I'll teach you how to take "facial close-up" It's impeccable. Turn on the Huawei nova2plus front portrait mode. After using the background virtualization function, the ordinary self photographing becomes an art photo, forcing you to immediately up several levels. You can also further choose the Huawei nova2plus's own filter. You can freely switch between various styles such as forest, fashion, cleverness and elegance.Otaku, after today's "secrets of dead house selfie" class, do you have a better understanding of Huawei nova2 series with front 20 million and rear dual photography? Huawei nova2 series never stop in the matter of painting beauty, so that your beauty house can reach a new height!
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