How Do I Throw a Tasteful Bachelorette Party for a Virgin Who Is Very Shy?

How about a nice afternoon tea party with finger sandwiches, fresh fruit salad, and light canapes? You do not have to have a "sex themed" bachelorette party. Suit the party to fit your friends personality, I am sure she will be pleased

How Do I Throw a Tasteful Bachelorette Party for a Virgin Who Is Very Shy? 1

1. God loves men and women equally; but does belief in a "Virgin Birth" show that Joseph was not worthy in that ?

God the Father trusted his only begotten son to Joseph to raise and protect. He trusted that Joseph would obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit. How could this be construed as Joseph being considered inferior in any way? Mary was also a direct descendant of King David. Jesus received the linage of Abraham and King David through his mother's line. Jesus is the literal son of God the Father. Were it not so he would not have been able to take upon himself and overcome the sins of the world. There is no other redeemer. No mere mortal could have done what He did. After His resurrection Jesus left the mortal behind and became 100% Divine.

2. Does anyone know any good virgin drinks to serve at a 13 year olds party?

make some virgin pink panties!!! sound weird i know but they are pretty much awesome: mix vanilla ice cream with some of that frozen pink lemonade mix in a blender ( and maybe a little bit of sprite) and to make it even more fun... get some pink food coloring and dye some sugar and dip the rims of margarita glasses in it!!

How Do I Throw a Tasteful Bachelorette Party for a Virgin Who Is Very Shy? 2

3. Would you believe this girl if she said she is a virgin?

Even if she slept with everyone in your hometown.....your home town is not THAT big

4. Can i unlock a samsung intercept virgin mobile phone to use for at&t?

With Vigrin Mobile... it depends.... on 90% of Virgin Mobile phones... your answer is NO! Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint network, which is CDMA technology and not GSM technology like ATT and Tmobile is... the Sprint Network does NOT use SIM cards, nor do their phones or Virgin Mobile phones have SIM Card slots---which is mandatory for ATT and Tmobile GSM networks... Now... 10% of 2011 Virgin Mobile phones are now starting to use SIM Cards for use with Global TEchnology, since 95% of Earth is GSM... CDMA is only in the USA and parts of Europe--a dying technology... But VM Smartphones are starting to be made with SIM cards... The Intercept is a Smartphone, but a old smartphone... so the only way you will know if it has a SIM Card is if you open of the back... remove the battery and see a 1in by .5in plastic card with a small .4in electronic chip imbedded in it with the VM or Sprint LOGO on it... that would be your SIM card.. if you have this, then yes, your phone will work on ATT 75% of the time (inter carrier phones work 75% of the time since the phone was not programmed with the other carrier's data signal--so your internet/data may be slow/choppy and get delayed texts/SMS/MMS.. but voice calls will be 100% fine) if you do not see the SIM card, then you know your Intercept is OLD and only CDMA.... which will NEVER work on ATT or Tmobile or ANY GSM wireless carrier on Earth...

5. Have you ever tried EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) on a pasta salad?

yep yep but i put some fresh herbs with it

6. Is there proof that the virgin Mary appeared to an Indian in Mexico about 500 yrs. ago?

what i do believe is that Mama Mary appears with the same mesage to PRAY, REPENT from our sins, and have faith.... now there i think is something wrong with a mother reminding her children that:) and usually she appears in time to help us go back when the world has done much errors to merit the wrath of the loving God, so... to STAY the Hand of GOD :) Peace. God Bless

7. Omelette stuck to pot on low fire with extra virgin olive oil [duplicate]

I would recommend using a pan for an omelette not a pot, as it makes it easier to get a spatula under the omelette. Also, if you are not using a nonstick surface, use a little more oil (or preferably butter) and get the oil hot in the pan before putting in the eggs (medium high heat)

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