How About Lenovo Xiaoxin Series? Lenovo Xiaoxin · Air Pro Evaluation: Almost No Short Board!

1. The design is simple, and the thin body is still unique

Lenovo Xiaoxin series is very popular among young groups. The author has friends who buy Xiaoxin around him and is quite satisfied with Xiaoxin's performance in all aspects. Lenovo recently launched Xiaoxin · Air Pro, which looks like a 13 inch 14 inch thin book, which indicates that Xiaoxin series is becoming more and more mature in many aspects. How does Xiaoxin · Air Pro in the name of "pro" perform? This evaluation focuses on analyzing this product.

In terms of overall design, Xiaoxin · Air Pro still adopts the simple design which is popular among young groups. From side a, it feels like it is completed at one go. The extension of family design language can be clearly seen, especially the treatment of three side micro arc on side a, the inclination of the rear and the increasingly narrow waist line on both sides are the typical style of Xiaoxin series. This design can improve product recognition, and in terms of aesthetics alone, the simple design of Xiaoxin · Air Pro is also very beautiful.

Xiaoxin · Air Pro adopts a simple design

Xiaoxin · Air Pro adopts an all metal body design, made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is anodized and sandblasted with excellent hand feel. In addition, at the edge of the fuselage, the soft and bright edge is created by CNC NC cutting process, which is much more introverted than the bright edge treatment. Xiaoxin · Air Pro has two body colors: gold and silver. The one in my hand is the gold version. The color of the golden version is slightly lighter, more inclined to champagne gold, and the overall visual feeling is more elegant.

All metal fuselage design

Xiaoxin · Air Pro not only has a simple design, but also has a very thin body. When I first got Xiaoxin · Air Pro, I mistakenly thought it was a 13.3-inch thin book (actually 14 inches). In addition to the small size of Xiaoxin · Air Pro itself, the thickness and weight of the fuselage are also well controlled. The weight of Xiaoxin · Air Pro is 1.49kg, and the thickest part is only 1.59cm, which is very thin in a 14 inch notebook and can be easily picked up with one hand.

The fuselage is very thin

Even with a thin body, Xiaoxin · Air Pro is still equipped with an independent graphics card, which is rare in thin books. The independent graphics card equipped with Xiaoxin · Air Pro is NVIDIA geforce 940mx, which is very balanced in performance and power consumption. In terms of parameters, there are 384 940mx stream processors, 64bit video memory bit width, 2GB gddr5 video memory, core frequency 1083mhz, and the overall graphics performance belongs to the medium and high level in the thin book.

Equipped with independent graphics card

Overall, the appearance design of Xiaoxin · Air Pro has strong family characteristics and is very excellent in light and thin. Moreover, such a small and thin body still adopts an independent graphics card with good performance, which is very appropriate to the name of "pro".

How About Lenovo Xiaoxin Series? Lenovo Xiaoxin · Air Pro Evaluation: Almost No Short Board! 1

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