Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Bulk Travel Size Shampoo

Today my family and I will buy $100 food, go downtwn and pass it out to homeless. What should we buy to eat?

instead of taking them out for fast food, how about giving them non perishable food. easy mac, cake mix, chef boyardee, canned soup, etc

go to sams club, bjs, or costco


what are the most important things to have before the baby comes?

i used

pampers new baby (micro). you will probably need 1-2 boxes for the first week

huggies natural wipes - i had a stack of 30 packs for when my son was born

vests - 5/6 newvborn and 0-3

onesies - 5/6 newborn and 0-3

bibs - 5/6

mits - 3/4

socks 4/5

muslin cloths are really good for use when burping baby

if your bottle feeding

cow and gate stage 1 - 3 tubs

5/6 bottles

my son was in a Hauck car seat, really good, stylish and well padded!

Bathing- Cotton wool johnsons baby bath baby sponge 2 baby soft towels johnsons talk powder Metanium Nappy Cream

your moses basket - 3/4 sheets and blankets

think thats the essentials really. all the products are what i used on my son who was small and quite delicate. he also had a lot of excess skin which the bathing helped with.

good luck when baby comes


How can I maintain a tight budget as a college student?

eating out loses u money as it puts fat on your ...... .

decide to live in your means or u get to b a

debtor for decades after school.

use a library for ways to behave with money.


what is the average cost to care for a horse?

100 for hay a month for one horse.

saddle about 250

bridle about 50

grain about 20 a month

grooming supplies about 50

you also need money for the vet incase of emergency or vet checks.


What to put in an adult pinata?

How about high end candy or old time candy that the kids wouldn't like? quarters? Since this is a family party I can't suggest the things I once put in a pinata and sent to a military naval vessel


Vegan, organic, travel size toiletries?

your best bet is to buy the full size product and then go to your local pharmacy or drug store and buy small/travel size 3 oz plastic bottles and fill them up with the desired products of your choice


on couponing? Need Help!?

The most extreme couponing deals that I have done is that I have bought a gallon of whole milk for $0.19 (tax not included), buying Shampoo (Travel Section) for $0.06, and buying Bar Soap 3 Bars Pack for $0.06. I have also got a free 2 liter bottle of pop by using a $1.50/2 coupon.

Here are some basic concepts of extreme couponing.

1. A couponer always waits for a sale and then uses their coupons.

2. Match high-value coupons to low-priced sales.

3. Match coupons to sales ads.

4. "Multi-Stack" (Multi-Stacking) on BOGO sale items by using one (1) manufacturer BOGO or BOGOF coupon and in-store coupon if store has store coupon on BOGO sale items and taking advantage of any additional deals that store might offer.

5. "Multi-Stack" (Multi-Stacking) on Non-BOGO sale items by using manufacturer's coupon and in-store coupon together on Non-BOGO sale items and and taking advantage of any additional deals that store might offer.

6. Use a store where there is not a limit on the amount of items that you can get.

7. Use Rainchecks for any sales items that might be out of stock.

8. Send in MIR forms to various manufacturers of various products and you will get money back from the "Rebates" for using the products.

9. Use a store that doubles or triples the coupon value. Example: If you have a store sale item that costs$1.50 and you have a coupon for .50 cents and if the store triples the coupon value, then you will only have to pay the sales tax only but not the retail price of the item.

10. Try to use coupons in such a way that results in the store paying you overage on a sale item IF the store has a store policy that allows overage to be paid and use the overage on the total of the sales bill when checking out.

11. Use the Rolling Catalinas Technique.

12. Do multiple transactions in order to maximize savings if there is a transaction limit.

13. Forget brand loyalty.

14. Send away in the mail for free samples of various products.

15. Buy in bulk to only last you to the next sale.

16. Buy from the clearance aisle/clearance self and apply coupon(s) on the discounted items.

17. Use Happy Birthday Coupons and take advantage of Happy Birthday promotions at various businesses.

18. Buy cheap "Filler Items" that are on sale to put you over the sales threshold in order to get the sales discount on your entire purchase during an Instant-Savings deal or Catalina deal.

19. Do comparison shopping to see which store has the cheapest sale price for the items that you need.

20. Shop at discount dollar stores because there are various discount dollar stores that do take manufacturers coupons and offers in-store coupons and possible additional deals that store might offer.

21. A store loyalty card gives an additional discount.

22. Use coupons on the smallest size in order to pay the least amount of money or results in free product.

23. Use coupons on "Freebate" sale items (TMF items / FAR items) which results in the purchase sale items being "free" and even a "Moneymaker" for you through rebates.

24. Sometimes a coupon will give you a choice by saying "FREE" which results in free product or a certain amount of money off like $1.00.

25. Sometimes a manufacturer will have a product that states on the package that if you buy the product and send in the receipt and/or UPC to the company, they will send you a coupon for other free products.

26. Use a "catalina" coupon for a certain amount off that can be used in another transaction for any item that matches the dollar amount on the "catalina" coupon which will result in a free item.

27. Send in complaints or compliments to manufacturer(s) about a particular product which can result in a coupon for a discount on a product or even a coupon for a FREE product.

28. Sometimes manufacturers will promote a product and will give you a coupon for a FREE sample of the product.

Here are some various ways that extreme couponers get coupons.

1. Coupon Clipping Services

2. Multiple Newspapers Subscriptions

3. Printable Internet Coupons

4. Dumpster Diving

5. Ask other people (friends, neighbors, etc.) for coupons.

6. Ask local stores for unused newspapers at the end of each week.

7. Coupons found in magazines.

8. Use weekly Grocery ads coupons.

9. Coupon Booklets

10. Home Mailers Coupons

11. Get coupons directly from companies.

12. Manufacturers Coupons

13. In-Store Coupons

14. Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) also known as "Peelies".

15. Tearpads Coupons

16. Catalinas Coupons

17. Hangtag Coupons

18. Blinkies Coupons

19. Digital Store Coupons

20. Social Media Promotions Coupons

21. Off the back of product package or from the inside of product package.


How much would you pay for this?

Unfortunately, that isn't a unique idea. I have seen people selling something similar for about $25 or $30.

See if you can buy some things in bulk lots and save some money.


what is a good gift idea for teenage girls?

Ask for a nail reducing and Pedicure at a close-by salon, it is so relaxing. you need to donate older issues you do not want to a Goodwill save, or a Salvation military save. Merry Christmas!


Mom's....How much stuff is enough?

your parents buy u TOO much stuff. i have none of whatever u mentioned and i am in the same situation as u except that my dad earns almost twice-get this TWICE! of what ur dad earns. N i really hope u r just curious and not wanting to show ur parents the posts that u need more ''stuff''


where can i buy lots of travel size baby items?

I'm not really sure if this is what you're looking for but these are really awesome and not bad for the price. They're about $3 or $4 and you can find them at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc.


What shampoo do you reccomend?

I use Bed head by TIGI. From all the things I've tired it works for me the best. My hair is so unmanageable, frizzy and dull looking with all the cheap grocery brands. Go to Ulta and they will tell you what the best thing for your hair is.


multiple horse questions, all grouped together?

1) no i have never heard of that becasue it doesn't make sence. thrush is an infection in the sole of the hoof, putting a chip in it would do absolutly nothing....

2) you can buy supplements to help her put on weight, those wounds on her hips are probably like bed sores, she probably lays down at night and rubs them, make sure she has asoft bedding,

3) a half an hour is not to long to be longed.... and what the hell is with the random tangen about thrush and your grandpa??? that wasnt even a question...

4) thats still not a question, and why should it be akward? when i first started riding i was only there for a lesson once a week and i didn't know anybody, but then i started working and i got to know people and i'm friend with people that have 2 horses, have one horse but thier first horse died or they had to sell, and some people that don't have a horse, and some people like me that half board and work there, i dont see why its an issue.

to be honest i don't think you know much about horses at all....


What should I do for my wife after she has our first child?

Your role is feeding, changing, burping, etc... same as hers.

You both made the baby so it's both your responsibility to care for him/her.

Share household chores too and remember to still make time for eachother and things should be smooth sailing, congrats on the baby.


Ideas for things to make?

First, are you sure you have the band's permission to make money off their name and logo without giving them a cut? You could end up having a rather bad experience if it turns out they want to exercise some control over their intellectual property.

You might want to think of things not connected with the band that will still sell. It's not clear if you are planning to sell at the event itself, or before it in order to raise money to go. Either way, think about what kind of things your prospective customers are likely to spend money on. For example, at a festival-type event where people camp out, you could put together a little "comfort kit" of toiletries that don't require much water: a travel size bottle of dry shampoo, travel size deodorant, toothbrush, travel size toothpaste (I suggest getting the kind sold for young children, because it can be swallowed, and you can sell it as "no spit" toothpaste for campers), a packet each of alcohol wipes and baby wipes, small bottle of lotion. The key is to find these as cheap as you can. Some, you may be able to find a wholesale website where you can buy travel sizes in bulk; some you may find at the dollar store. You will want things that are prepackaged, to avoid any legal issues about their purity. Put it all together in a zipper bag and sell it for about twice what you paid for the items. Hey, you're selling convenience to a captive audience who didn't think to pack some of this stuff before they came.

Good luck!


Well, if the band is cool with it, make your travel kits, and put their logo on the ziplock bag. Have fun!


Ideas for $50 bridesmaid gift?

the best gift to give is The Name Change Kit, this will help the bride change her last name with ease. Trust me she will thank you for it! Saves tons of time!

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